Kyboka is an all-round foldable utility cart to walk your leisure, sports or professional gear to the best spots outdoor.
It combines great outdoor design with innovative features and functionality. On top, the cart can be personalised to your style and needs making an end to hauling your stuff.

Kyboka is probably the most versatile cart to move your gear.


Kyboka Standard


€ 499,00

Kyboka Complete


€ 599,00

Kyboka Black

Black Edition

€ 699,00

Color Evergreen Evergreen Pitch Black
Tire Off-road Off-road Continental Tour Ride
Tub Pocket v v v
Cover x v v
Strap set x v v
Storage bag x v v
Shoulder belt x v v
Frame adapters x v v
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Facts and figures

Size folded: 106x63x19cm
Size in use: 120x65x55cm
Weight: 12,5kg
Payload: 50kg max
Tub volume: 85x48x35cm / 135L
Wheels: 12.5" tires, double bearings, quick release axles
Frame: Aluminium, anodised
Canvas: Reinforced Tarpaulin (Non-P)
Bottom Plate: Weather proof beach plywood, hard top coating
Span: Stainless steel


1. Take the cart out of the bag.
2. Put it flat on its wheels.
3. Quick release the wheels and connect them again in the sockets at the corners.
4. Free the tub, lift it up and push the spans sideways.
5. For open rides, tighten the straps, fold the ends and put them in the clips inside the tub.
6. Taking the cover with you.
Closed: Cover the tub and buckle up.
Open: Wrap it, fix it by the elastic cords, mount these on the clips outside the tub and tighten it up by the straps.


The handle has an absolute unique feature.
It can rotate 360 degrees, providing you the most relaxed way of towing.

By this simple feature the cart adapts to you.
So, no sore wrists nor shoulders anymore after a walk.

Together with the overall cart design,
the handle offers the lightest and most comfortable way of manoeuvring.

Take it

By hand

By car

On racks

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