How much can I load?

The size of the tub is about 85x48x35cm which equals nearly 135L. When you want to store more, you can stack it on top and fix it using the straps. The load capacity for the cart is maximised up to 50 for the Evergreen models and 75kg for the Black Edition.

Does it ride easily on the beach?

There is no equal, but because every beach is different, the power you need will vary. The more loose and bumpy the soil, the harder it will be. Still, when packed, it is fairly doable alone on sandy beaches. We advise you to look out for harder and smoother areas to make it easier. We have no experience with pebble beaches, so please share your experiences with us.

Does it fit in my car?

It depends on the size of the trunk as well as the access dimensions in order to take it flat packed, tub up or completely set. Modern cars have flexible interiors and it will fit one way or another. For compact cars you might need to put down the rear seat (partly). Bigger cars such as station wagons/estates/breaks, MPV’s or SUV’s have generally spoken enough space in the trunk. In case you want to take it with your cabrio, you might encounter some difficulties, but when you create some space behind the front seats, you’re probable good to go.

What are the benefits of the Continental™ tires?

The Continental™ RideTour™ tires are stronger because of two features: a) more rubber on its rolling surface and b) a puncture protective layer. Secondly, they roll smoother, as they have a continuous rolling surface in the center of its profile. Thirdly, they are 2cm wider and roll better on the beach. Last but not least, they make your cart really stand out, if we say ourselves.

Can I transport my child(ren) in it?

The cart is built for gear cargo, but if you want to go for a ride with your offsping, we strongly advise to use a crib or a child seat with a harness to strap them in for safety reasons. Many popular stroller cribs fit completely in the tub, like those from Bugaboo™, Jools™, Maxicosi™ and probably more brands and the best thing is that you can still use their canapé, umbrella and rain shield.

Who to contact if I have a question about the cart?

You could open a chat in the lower right corner or send us an email to support@kyboka.com.




What is the difference between pre-orders and regular ones?

Regular orders are based on buying items from stock, like groceries from a grocery store. When placing a pre-order you fund the manufacturing process of these items, like buying a car from Tesla. As a consequence of this, pre-orders have longer delivery times (months) compared to regular orders (days).

Is your pre-order campaign a kind of crowdfunding campaign?

Yes it is. The main difference is that we are organising it ourselves and we’re not using the regular lingo for crowdfunding like ‘rewards’ (Kickstarter). Instead we use pre-order, because that’s what you actually are doing when you back a project on such platforms. Another difference is that we use carts as the unit for our funding goal instead of Euro’s or USD.

How do I pre-order?

You can select the items you want in our webshop and check-out and your pre-order should include a cart. When the payment is successful you will receive a pre-order confirmation by email. Then you’re good.

When will production start?

We’ll start the production process after we’ve received 300 cart pre-orders.

Why manufacturing just 500 carts?

There are plenty of projects who went south due to their overwhelming success. We put this lesson into practice to keep it manageable. Together with our suppliers, we want to scale up gradually and we can control the quality of our carts better. Therefore we set a maximum of 500 carts. When our suppliers are up and running, we will start taking new orders.

What if I want to change or cancel my pre-order?

Email us at: backers@kyboka.com.

I’m not living in the Netherlands, can I pre-order as well?

Yes you can.

Which payments do you accept?

We accept direct bank transactions, IDeal (Netherlands only), Bancontact/MisterCash (Belgium only) and credit cards (Master Card and Visa). For using Visa, please be sure you have verified your card. For US go to: Verified Visa USA, for EU: Vertified Visa EU for the rest of the world: Visa.

In case your payment has failed, please try another payment service or send us an email backers@kyboka.com and we help you to checkout manually.

Can I buy Kyboka products now?

Some you can. All of our carts models and covers are sold out. We still have storage bags, strap sets, Conti tires and LED’s on stock. Please send your inquiry via email to shop@kyboka.com and we handle your purchase manually.




When will my pre-order be shipped to me?

Our estimated delivery of the first carts will be March 2018. We will accelerate when we can and you have some impact on it as well. The faster you decide to pre-order the faster we reach our minimum of 300 carts to start up production. For example, when we have 300 cart preorders in the first week, we win about two months.

How can I keep track on the manufacturing progress?

Via our Blog and email we bring you updates and news on a regular base.

How will I know when my order is shipped?

As soon as we ship your cart we’ll send you an email with a track-n-trace code and the URL of the carrier’s website to follow its journey to your doorstep.

I live/ travel outside the Netherlands. Do you ship to my country of residence too?

Yes. We  ship to wherever you are on the planet. Please check our preset destinations. In case yours is not listed, please send us an email with your address details and we handle you order manually. Shipping costs are always involved and will depend on the country the package has to be shipped to.

What is the shipping time?

From the moment we submit a pick-up order it is a matter of days in the Netherlands. Abroad, it will take at least a week. It depends on the country you want us to send it to.

I received my order, but something is wrong. What do  I do?

Send us an email: support@kyboka.com and we will set it right.




Some part has broken. What do I do?

Send us an email: support@kyboka.com. Please include a photo and description of the defect and we will put things in motion to solve it.

What if I have a different question?

Send us an email to: support@kyboka.com and we happily answer yours.