Make moving your gear easier and more fun

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What’s in the box

  • Cart
  • Tub pouch
  • Cover
  • Strap set
  • Storage bag
  • Conti tire set
  • CatEye LED Rear
  • CatEye LED Front

Your benefits

  • Early bird discount
  • Your name in the bowl for a FREE cart
  • Join the global Kyboka community

100% Safe

  • Refund guarantee
  • SSL encrypted checkout
  • Trusted payment services
  • Global shipping

“I should have bought the cart at the show directly, but now I regret it. I am sick and tired of hauling my gear school in and out. So I’ve signed up and can’t wait to use one of your carts.”

Herman | Photographer

“It’s not only an amazing convenient wagon, it looks just stunning too. Everywhere we go we see heads turning and hear ‘WOW’. Even our children pull it easily. It just makes all our trips more fun!”

Birgit | Traveller

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