Are you the kind of photographer, filmmaker or outdoor enthusiast,

who wants to break free from heavy hauls and finally get your extensive gear pack on location without breaking your back…then the Kyboka outdoor cart will be the best support making your days much easier and more fun.

The new Evergreen

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Evergreen XS 2.0

Extendable tow rod | Parking brake | Cover | Straps | Storage bag

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Take it easy

Whether you’re heading for the beach, the woods, the park, or any other location in the open,
just gear up and make your day.

For the Pro

The new Black Edition

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The Black Edition XS 2.0

Extendable tow rod | Parking brake | Cover | Straps | Storage bag
Continental™ RideTour™ tyres

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Our flagship

The Black Edition is our definition of the perfect outdoor utility carrier.
It is packed with all the features you have been looking for and is designed with an eye for ease of use, quality and style.
We believe this is the right answer, the right tool for almost every haul outdoor.


Easy • Light • Clever

In a sec from a flat pack into
a solid carrier and vice versa.

Always light manoeuvering
no matter what road ahead.

Packed with clever details for
your convenience & comfort.

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On the go in seconds

We wouldn’t do it for less. The cart can be set up and folded in seconds. In a few simple steps you can transform the cart from a flat package into a solid carrier.

Configure it to your needs

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3 Compact modes

1 – Most compact

2 – Quickest set up

3 – Storage box


Bag it

Take it


Fits easily in the back of most cars

Fits many bike racks too
(Thule™, XLC™)

Why signing up?


We keep on looking for ways to start-up mass production of our newest featured outdoor cart. We funded the first edition ourselves and with the help from our manufacturers, we were able to build a limited batch. We’ve invested heavily in tooling and more to show the world what we envisioned how the perfect carrier should look like. But starting up mass production is a costly venture. To attract funding we want to know if you want one too as soon as we can ship our carts.

When you do, please sign-up here and you will stay in the loop.

Thanks a million!


New 2.0

Parking brake

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New 2.0

Extendable tow rod

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Discover its features

Simple stop & go
Quick set-up
Stabile & smooth rides
Multiple placeholders
Adaptable to you
Always on its wheels

Shipping to wherever you are
on the planet

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We ship overseas to the USA, Canada and beyond as we already did to customers in Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Hungary and of course the Netherlands.


Parcel size 112 x 20 x 65cm
Parcel weight 20-25kg
Shipping costs These will be automatically calculated in our shop, based on its destination.

We happily answer your questions

Although we tried to be as complete as possible, explaining every detail of our cart and the pre-order process, we might have overlooked something.
How we may help you?


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Buckle up & Take it easy

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You’re awesome

You’ve stayed with us all the way down to this point.
Help make our campaign remarkable!


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